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Kibibi Monie` has spent her entire life fighting racial injustice. Her latest work Take A Knee explores what it means to be black in America.

HARD OUT is a short film that showcases the talents of the Pacific Northwest film community. 


See what's hot! We're kicking 2021 in the face with an Action Packed week! Join other Hard Out cast & crew in an epic new film competition. It's like nothing you have seen before...

Coming Soon

We follow Roberto Sameron, founder of Taco Chukis, back to where his Seattle taco empire originated: Tijuana.

Momma Machtia aka Francisca Garcia invites us into her home and captures the heart and soul in this new series. She teaches all about Mexican culture and traditions.

Set in and around Seattle, The Othello Project is a documentary of discovery centered on the first time approach to that Mt. Everest of black Shakespeare roles: Othello. It explores the relationship of place, pandemic, and social unrest to the creation of a role today in 2020. 

Hard Out drops Kibibi's latest performance of Take A Knee.
Rising Reels launches 2021 Summer film camps... Enroll Now
Seattle's next big feature is in the works. Produced by Hard Out Media....Join Us
MARCH, 2021
MARCH, 2021
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